When you’re an agent working at D&L, you can move more loads, make more money, and have a better life, thanks to our unique processes and approach. Let our tried-and-true model and methods advance your success. Just ask our agents how it has worked for them.

But others have recognized that we’re doing something right, too — Kansas City Business Journal and Ingram’s Magazine have recognized us for five years in a row as being one of the fastest growing companies in KC, and one of the largest private companies in KC. We’re proud of this distinction.

We are uniquely positioned in the market. We are large enough to compete with any brokerage company on rates and service, but we are small enough to remain flat and streamlined for our agents. We do this on purpose.

What is our secret sauce? Well, it’s not really a sauce. And it’s not really some complex secret. It’s simply a unique understanding of the pain points of agents and the things — sometimes little, but nevertheless important — our agents need to be successful, including:

  • Fast customer setups and credit decisions. Does this scenario sound familiar: You prospect a new shipper for months, and your hard work finally pays off when the shipper calls with a load to move that morning. However, you sit and wait hours, maybe even days, for a credit decision from your home office. With D&L, that doesn’t happen. With D&L, you will be moving that first load within minutes.
  •  Investment in the best technology and commitment to innovation. We understand agent pain points and know the efficiencies you need to be successful. We’re committed to investing in the right projects and the constant development of applications to assist in our agents’ success.

We understand that all freight brokerages may look alike… but we’re truly more than the industry we work in. And we know what it takes for agents to be successful. Collaboration and support are the real drivers at D&L. Take us for a test drive, and we think you’ll see exactly what we mean.