We can’t preach success without providing real-life examples. Agencies and brokers from all over the country have switched to D&L, and have experienced the true D&L difference. We’ve omitted the names of these agents out of respect for their privacy, but if you really want to chat with any of these folks, just let us know. They have not looked back since starting with D&L, and will gladly tell you it was the best career decision they could make.


  • New Agency Office in Colorado: Joined D&L as agents in early 2018.  Since joining, they are doing nearly three times the gross margin they were doing as in-house reps.
  • Agent in Tennessee: Previously an inside sales rep for one of the largest US brokers.  Joined D&L in early 2018 and now doing over $40,000/month in gross margin, equating to $28,000/month in commissions.
  • Agent in Missouri:  Previously an inside sales manager for a large local broker.  He has averaged over $330,000 in gross margin per year since joining D&L in early 2014.  That’s $231,000 in compensation; nearly 4 times his previous compensation. 


  • Agent in Florida: She was with a different agency-based brokerage before joining D&L in 2013.  Since joining D&L, her annual gross margins are up 244%.
  • Agent in New Jersey: He joined D&L in 2016, and has improved his annual gross margins by more than 208%.
  • Agent in South Carolina: He joined D&L in 2015.  Since joining, his annual gross margins are up 132%.

 If you’re still not convinced of the difference D&L can make in your brokerage career, give us a call and let our agents tell you directly. That’s how confident we are in our model. That’s the D&L difference.