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Agent Success Stories

Agent Success Stories

We can’t preach success without providing real-life examples. Agencies and brokers from all over the country have switched to D&L, and have experienced the true D&L difference. We’ve omitted the names of these agents out of respect for their privacy, but if you really want to chat with any of these folks, just let us know. They have not looked back since starting with D&L, and will gladly tell you it was the best career decision they could make.


  • New Agency Office in Colorado: Joined D&L as agents in early 2018.  Since joining, they are doing nearly three times the gross margin they were doing as in-house reps.
  • Agent in Tennessee: Previously an inside sales rep for one of the largest US brokers.  Joined D&L in early 2018 and now doing over $40,000/month in gross margin, equating to $28,000/month in commissions.
  • Agent in Missouri:  Previously an inside sales manager for a large local broker.  He has averaged over $330,000 in gross margin per year since joining D&L in early 2014.  That’s $231,000 in compensation; nearly 4 times his previous compensation.



  • Agent in Florida: She was with a different agency-based brokerage before joining D&L in 2013.  Since joining D&L, her annual gross margins are up 244%.
  • Agent in New Jersey: He joined D&L in 2016, and has improved his annual gross margins by more than 208%.
  • Agent in South Carolina: He joined D&L in 2015.  Since joining, his annual gross margins are up 132%.


If you’re still not convinced of the difference D&L can make in your brokerage career, give us a call and let our agents tell you directly. That’s how confident we are in our model. That’s the D&L difference.

Agent Lifestyle Success

A Better Lifestyle & A More Successful Career

Was it your dream as a transportation broker to go to your sales job every day, sit in the same drab cubicle, make endless repetitive phone calls, microwave leftovers for lunch, and listen to the same boss’s demands, while someone else takes home the majority of your loads’ profits? Or was it more along the lines of making your own hours, being your own boss, and having easy access to the technology and resources you need to do your job well and increase your compensation? It may seem too good to be true — but it’s not. As an agent with D&L, it’s a reality.

Most brokers don’t know the agency model exists. Or those who first hear of it believe it’s too good to be true. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not. And so are our agents.

If you’re a successful transportation broker with shipper contacts or a book of business, the agency model is right for you. Why?

  • Make more money. You will be paid 70% commission on the gross margin. Yes, 70% commission. No fees.
  • Be and entrepreneur and run your own business. As an agency of D&L, we will give you unlimited access to capital and allow you to be an entrepreneur to build your company.
  • Better lifestyle. Would you love the opportunity to walk your child to school in the morning, or go their school play in the early afternoon? Or the leisure to work at home in your pajamas? Or the luxury to vacation anytime and anywhere you would like? If so, being a D&L agent gives you the flexibility and autonomy to live and work the way that’s best for you, and your family.
  • Piggyback on D&L’s model and success. Our robust corporate office will give you 24/7 support, and provide you access to all of the tools you will need to be successful. Our support includes accounting, legal, IT and technology, and well as full administrative support.

Run your business the way you know how to and drive your own success. Set up a home office; rent a penthouse suite — you know what works best for you. Be the driver of your own success and let us, as your back office, be your pit crew.

Brokerage Success

Our Proven Model For Brokerage Success

When you’re an agent working at D&L, you can move more loads, make more money, and have a better life, thanks to our unique processes and approach. Let our tried-and-true model and methods advance your success. Just ask our agents how it has worked for them.

But others have recognized that we’re doing something right, too — Kansas City Business Journal and Ingram’s Magazine have recognized us for five years in a row as being one of the fastest growing companies in KC, and one of the largest private companies in KC. We’re proud of this distinction.

We are uniquely positioned in the market. We are large enough to compete with any brokerage company on rates and service, but we are small enough to remain flat and streamlined for our agents. We do this on purpose.

What is our secret sauce? Well, it’s not really a sauce. And it’s not really some complex secret. It’s simply a unique understanding of the pain points of agents and the things — sometimes little, but nevertheless important — our agents need to be successful, including:

  • New carriers on-boarded electronically and active for loads within five minutes. For carriers today, time is critically important. Carriers don’t have time to wait on your load. Don’t lose your load because it takes hours to get a new carrier set up.
  • Fast customer setups and credit decisions. Does this scenario sound familiar: You prospect a new shipper for months, and your hard work finally pays off when the shipper calls with a load to move that morning. However, you sit and wait hours, maybe even days, for a credit decision from your home office. With D&L, that doesn’t happen. With D&L, you will be moving that first load within minutes.
  •  Investment in the best technology and commitment to innovation. We understand agent pain points and know the efficiencies you need to be successful. We’re committed to investing in the right projects and the constant development of applications to assist in our agents’ success.

We understand that all freight brokerages may look alike… but we’re truly more than the industry we work in. And we know what it takes for agents to be successful. Collaboration and support are the real drivers at D&L. Take us for a test drive, and we think you’ll see exactly what we mean.

We Are D&L

Experience The D&L Difference

At our core, we are a robust and full-service transportation brokerage company built on a strong agency model. But we are much more than that. We are a team. We are a family. We are a group of committed individuals working toward one goal. And we are looking for talented freight brokers to join our team and be a part of our family.

What does it mean to be an agent at D&L? It means more compensation (70% commissions, no fees), more flexibility and independence (be your own boss), 24/7 support from a robust corporate back office, and ultimately a better lifestyle than a traditional in-house freight broker.

To the credit of our founders, who were agents themselves, we are built from the agent up, not from the top down. What’s that mean to you? We have a unique understanding of the efficiencies and tools agents need to be successful brokers. This isn’t just lip service. Our agents will tell you the same thing.

We have a unique perspective and position in the industry. We are large enough (Top 100 Logistics Firm in the United States, and Top 50 Private Company in Kansas City) to provide the resources our agents need to be successful, and we also have the capital to support our continuous commitment to innovation, process enhancements, and technology investment for our agents. On the flip-side, we are small enough to uphold the support, immediacy and true family-feel for our agents. We maintain a mom-and-pop feel, not a corporate one. We’re a flat organization, and this means instant attention and reaction to all of our agents’ issues and requests. But don’t take it from us — let our agents tell you themselves.

D&L is a company which is well-respected in the transportation brokerage space. We work tirelessly to maintain a strong relationship and great reputation with agents and shippers, as well as with carriers. Carriers love working with D&L, which is important when obtaining capacity for your customer in a tight market. In today’s shipping world, carriers have a choice when it comes to what loads they want to take and which brokers they want to work with. Carriers choose D&L Transport.

As an agent with a company like ours, your success can mean better earnings, a better career, and a better lifestyle. Experience the D&L difference — learn more about our agent opportunities today.