AJ Hughes

Jason Rissman

Jason has wide-array of transportation brokerage expertise and works with one of D&L Transport’s top brokers. Jason specializes in freight needing vans, flatbeds, and specialized equipment such as step-decks and RGNs. Prior to joining D&L Transport, Jason handled hot-shot loads for several years. This wide transportation experience gives Jason the perspective to understand all sides of logistics operations.

Jason lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and enjoys spending time with his daughters, “Heartbreaker” and “Moneytaker.”

Jason looks forward to working with you to solve all of your logistics needs. He is available 24/7 all days of the year, whether you are a customer or carrier.


Contact Information

Cedar Rapids, IA
Office: (319) 480-5529
Corporate HQ: (866) 559-0203
FAX: (319) 538-0327

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