D&L provides full truckload service for dry van, refrigerated and flatbed freight. Utilizing our industry knowledge and expertise in the Truckload and LTL services, we negotiate the best rates for our clients.We have equipment available coast-to-coast to service your truckload transportation needs. We have contracted with a large number of top motor carriers to provide capacity in the United States, Canada and Mexico.Our excellent credit allows us to attract the finest equipment offered in today’s market.


Designed for smaller shipments, our LTL shipping services can get your shipment delivered between 1 to 7 business days, depending on the distance.  D&L moves numerous loads per day, thus we can save our clients greatly on freight costs through volume prices and lane optimization. Utilizing our LTL program, clients have to the ability to obtain pricing and transit times with all top-tier carriers in minimal time.  We have equipment available coast-to-coast for your LTL transportation needs. Test our rates – call D&L today for an LTL quote to confirm our outstanding rates and pricing.


It doesn’t matter what size your piece of equipment is, we can get it there for you. We have the capability and expertise – as well as the necessary relationships with heavy-haul carriers – to move your heavy-haul shipments. We arrange the transport of single or multiple pieces as well as making multiple pickup and deliveries. We also have the capability of providing transportation for both oversized loads and superloads for all states in the continental U.S. and Canada.


Our direct contracts with the railroads now enable us to serve all freight transportation needs by offering door-to-door intermodal rail service. What is Intermodal Rail Service? Intermodal rail service is similar to Truckload/OTR service but involves transportation of freight by rail and truck instead of simply by truck, the benefits being much lower costs than standard truckload rates. D&L’s door-to-door service covers the entire linehaul from origin to destination, making the process seamless for you. We offer 15-day pay to railroads which allows us to obtain superior equipment and pricing.


In the trade show industry, timing is of the absolute essence. Trade show shipments require specialized knowledge and skill, as well as great relationships with transporting carriers, to ensure the shipments arrive on-time. We understand all of this, and offer our customers the expertise and relationships to satisfy trade show needs.


D&L is on the cutting-edge of technology in the transportation industry. D&L invests in the research and development of proprietary applications which benefit parties involved in freight transportation. D&L develops tools which benefit shippers, brokerage companies, agents/brokers, and motor carriers, in order to ensure the transportation process is efficient and data-driven for all parties. Some of these proprietary projects include a Carrier Experience Portal, Good-to-Go Text Tracking and Agent Operations Portal.