Josh Christie is the VP of Marketing & Recruiting at D&L Transport

In case you’ve missed it in our blog posts and videos, we sincerely feel that our Freight Agency program is the best in the business. Many of you have picked up on this in our articles What to Look for in a Freight Agency Program — The 6 Key Factors and The Top 6 Reasons to Move Your Freight Agency.

Comparing our services with the six key factors needed by any Freight Broker can be eye-opening. We excel in providing needed support, the right technology, optimum commissions, financial strength, distinctive culture, and competitive benefits. Yet there’s more to consider when searching for the very best Freight Agent program. Here’s what else you should consider and how D&L Transport measures up to these extremely high standards.

1. Agent Support — Our Only Business

D&L Transport has no other business interests than supporting successful Freight Agents. To accomplish that mission, we provide the following:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Respond in 60 seconds
  • Dedicated Team responsible for resolving all Claims Disputes
  • The Freight Agent is NOT responsible for Bad Debt
  • Dedicated LTL Support Team to optimize LTL shipments

Why This Matters:

D&L Agents get the full support of the expert Back Office they need when needed. We’re not focused on ‘the next big thing.’ We’re focused on Agent Support. It’s the foundation we were established on, it’s all we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

We have a dedicated team focused on resolving Claims Disputes which means that an Agent is freed up to serve their customers rather than tending to administrative duties that can eat up valuable time.

2. Dedicated Carrier Team

Above, we noted our dedicated Back Office support team, Claims Disputes Team, and LTL Support Team. But it doesn’t stop there. We also have a dedicated team focused on carriers. That includes:

  • Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Support

Why This Matters:

Our Agents aren’t stalled when trying to match their Shipper’s loads with Carriers. Delays caused by a lack of a Broker’s Carrier team will lead to lost loads and agitated customers, ultimately hurting relationships and future revenue.

Our Carrier team also does their due diligence to ensure timely onboarding and vetting of the Carriers to ensure compliance is in-line.

3. Fear Is Not Our Retention Model

We make our business relationships simple and non-threatening. It starts with this shortlist.

  • NO Non-Competes
  • NO Long-term Contracts
  • NO Red Tape
  • NO Games
  • NO Gimmicks

Why This Matters:

Our Agent Agreements are written more for the protection of the Agent rather than D&L. Other Agent programs built around strict constraints either lack substance or want to utilize the Agent’s efforts to build up a book of business that the Parent Broker ultimately owns. D&L does the opposite — simple, straightforward, we’re in this together, but you always own your business.

4. Compensation

Fair, market-level compensation is essential for any Freight Agency program. That touches on the commission level, structure, payment timing, and the written contract. It must also consider fees and charges for load boards and TMS subscriptions.

  • D&L Pay 70% Commission on all FTL and LTL
  • Commissions are paid weekly at the time of invoice
  • No fees for TMS or Load Board access

Why This Matters:

Many Brokers do not offer an equal commission split on both FTL and LTL. This translates to an Agent not having to yield a greater amount of their commissions when booking LTL loads. The commissions being paid weekly at the time of invoice means that an Agent gets paid quicker when completing their loads. And no hidden fees translate to more of the commissions earned remaining with the Agent.

5. Incentives + Benefits

Many Freight Agent programs don’t offer benefits; you’re on your own. Several offer attractive incentive programs — if you qualify. D&L Transport has it all, built to support a growing and successful Freight Agency.

  • D&L President’s Club
  • Viable Vacation Plan
  • Group Health Offering

Why This Matters:

Having a Parent Broker who recognizes not only your accomplishments but the hurdles and needs of Agents’ everyday lives is critical for a long-term successful relationship.

Our Viable Vacation Plan pairs an Agent with a seasoned veteran in the industry to cover loads while they are out of the office and enjoying much-needed time away.

We’ve negotiated with our insurance provider to create a Group Healthcare option for our Agents. As a result, Agents can benefit from a lower premium.

6. Freedom + Capital to Run Your Business

Many Freight Brokers give you all the freedom you could want but very little support to grow your business. All too often, that’s because they lack the strength needed to help you succeed. They need a top credit rating, solid payment history with carriers, long-term history and reputation, the capital required to boost your business, and strong brand recognition. D & L ranks at the top in all these areas.

  • Top 1% Credit Rating
  • Long-term History and Reputation
  • Instant Customer Credit
  • Operate under your own brand or leverage the D&L brand directly or through co-branding

Why This Matters:

We recognize and respect the entrepreneurial spirit of our Agents. After all, D&L was founded by two Agents in 2005 who knew there was a better way to run a Freight Brokerage. Therefore, we adjust to your operations and put the tools in your hands to grow your business.

Our Top 1% Credit Rating gives your Shippers the confidence they’re doing business with an established and reputable Freight Broker.

Booking loads with new shippers is fast and easy with instant customer credit. In addition, the D&L Back Office can review credit limit increases immediately to keep an Agent’s operations running.

Many Agency Offices have found that leveraging the D&L reputation has helped open doors with Shippers. The use of ‘Powered by D&L’ with an existing Agency Office brand is a great way to maintain brand equity in your current brand while leveraging the strength of D&L’s reputation.

7. Experts in Making Transition Painless

D&L is selective when bringing on new Freight Agents. We’re selective because we bring an all-hands-on-deck to make the transition as effective as possible and seamless for the Freight Agent’s customers.

  • New Agents Up & Running in 24 hours
  • Immediate Review of Existing Customer Contracts and Credit Requirements
  • Quick Training and Access to TMS and Load Boards

Why This Matters:

Customer disruption is one of the biggest concerns when transitioning to a new Broker. At D&L, we’ve mastered the art of Agent transition. Outside of name changes on invoices, the only difference in an Agent’s customer’s experience will be improved efficiency in overall operations.

New Agents train directly with our leadership team to ensure all questions are answered and addressed from the onset.

8. Constant Investment in Technology

Logistics technology is constantly evolving with every innovation and challenge. While Agents should never be operating at the ‘bleeding edge,’ there’s every expectation that they should be at the ‘leading edge’ to meet client requirements. D&L Transport deploys the best technology to meet client and Agent needs.

  • Agent Input in the Development of Tools
  • Constant Dialogue with Our Agents
  • Quick Training and Lighting Support

Why This Matters:

At D&L, we’re always looking for ways to make our Agent Program even better. Better tools, better resources, and better operations to improve efficiencies and, ultimately, our Agent’s bottom line.

We only invest in projects where we can have a seat at the development table. The feedback we receive through the constant dialogue with our Agency Offices is brought to the development discussions to ensure that any tool’s development will have the input of the ones using them and address existing pain points.

Ready to Move Your Freight Agency?

We hope that’s been enough insight to help you take the next steps toward moving your Freight Agency to D&L Transport.

But if you need further insight into our Freight Agent program, check out our BETTERLIFE™ with D&L video series. We talk to our Agents and select subject matter experts to help you navigate the challenging world of the Freight Agent.

For still more, look at our Agent Opportunities page. You can also hear directly from our successful Agents. BTW. You can even take a test drive. Try using us for a few loads a week with no strings attached. Then, get in touch, and we can get started.

Call toll-free: 866.559.0203. Or complete the form at D&L Agent Requirements.

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