2022 | 2 Seasons

Educational. Entertainment. Adventure. Lifestyle.

Most Agents don’t know how much better life can be with an ally who has their back in the freight industry. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of BETTERLIFE™ with D&L initiative. Over the next 12 months, we’re headed to the homes of our Agents to bring you a genuine look into their lives and what makes them successful.

Join us on this journey. It’s better here. It’s a better life with D&L!

Where In The World Is D&L?

Each episode, Brian DeFrain (President of D&L), will take you on a journey to the cities and offices of D&L Agents to bring you a candid look into what makes a D&L Agent successful. Through a series of entertaining and educational videos, we’ll also cover trending topics impacting the lives of our Agents.

Join us on this journey! It’s better here. It’s a better life with D&L!

Launch Date
Educational. Entertainment. Adventure. Lifestyle.
Amazing, for everyone involved!
Josh Christie
Adam (AJ) Johnson, Vibralux Media
Christy Mendick
Joe Willers
Jerome Willers
Brian DeFrain
Blake Richerson
Joey Cox
Megan Galloway
April Seifert
Rich Bracken
Dave Montanino
Brandon Vilchez
Anthony Munoz


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