Agent Success Stories

We can’t preach success without providing real-life examples. Agencies and brokers from all over the country have switched to D&L, and have experienced the true D&L difference. We’ve omitted the names of these agents out of respect for their privacy, but if you really want to chat with any of these folks, just let us

A Better Lifestyle & A More Successful Career

Was it your dream as a transportation broker to go to your sales job every day, sit in the same drab cubicle, make endless repetitive phone calls, microwave leftovers for lunch, and listen to the same boss’s demands, while someone else takes home the majority of your loads’ profits? Or was it more along the

Our Proven Model For Brokerage Success

When you’re an agent working at D&L, you can move more loads, make more money, and have a better life, thanks to our unique processes and approach. Let our tried-and-true model and methods advance your success. Just ask our agents how it has worked for them. But others have recognized that we’re doing something right,